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When it comes to architecture firms, there is the way things have been done, and the way things should be done. At Rossmann Architecture, we believe architectural professionals should receive the opportunities they deserve based on their talent, not their seniority or resources. In our firm, every team member is encouraged to be a leader and take charge of their career development. We believe it is never too early to start your dream job and pursue the work you truly love.

At Rossmann Architecture, we don’t limit our values to a wall poster. We bring, build upon and live our values fully—and we do it all alongside the people who inspire us to do the best work of our lives. This is the place where enthusiastic, collaborative professionals come to drive forward their careers and embrace a new approach to the traditional firm (and perhaps a bit of impromptu office karaoke if the right song come on).

Tell us why you are our next hire by applying for one of our available jobs or by sending us your application spontaneously.

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Project Manager
  • Ottawa, Canada

“All you hear is people laughing and enjoying themselves. It’s actually quite different than my experience in other architecture firms. Normally architecture firms are very quiet, everyone is focused and maybe a little scared or stressed of what’s going to happen if they mess up. But with us, that’s not the case at all.”

Pierre Proulx
Team Lead

“We have very nice variety of people, people from all around the world. They all have different life experiences in a very good way. At work, it is so much fun to hear about those experience because it is different from ours.”

Jade Killeen
Architectural Technician

“Yes, everyone works there and we are all professionals, but we become friends as well very quickly. Everyone is always checking in with each other. Everyone is very tightknit in this firm.”

Anastasia Morris
Business Administrator